TIL You Can Request A Service Credit For an Outage (Internet, TV, Phone)

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So, recently we’ve had some bad weather and the internet service (Xfinity) in our area was down for at least half a day. On another occasion, the service was very intermittent to the point  where I checked my devices’ connect, then the router, then the modem and them being all frustrated, I restarted all the devices. Even still, nothing! Ugh! In this day and age, when you can’t stream, it’s like a punishment. Like worse than those 56k dial up days (at least with the sounds you knew what the heck was going on – am I right?). But I digress.

The point being, if your internet service goes down or is intermittently working, there is a good chance that you can request a credit. Depending on the provider, it may mean a quick (or long) call, a quick support email and/or a chat session. Now, what i’m about to say something that is actually pretty uncommon, our cable provider Xfinity has made this process really really easy. Did I just say that? I think i did. Through Xfinity’s chat bot, you can initiate the chat and go through the motions and indicate that you are experiencing a service outage and proceed to requesting a service credit. The last 2-3 times this has happened to me, I was able to obtain a credit with 5 mins and became $15 richer. Your credit is YMMV (your mileage may vary) and dependent on your service rate daily and all that good stuff. My plan is actually pretty reasonable for the speed I’m getting so this is a good credit for the outage(s). Below, you will find links on how you can get the process started on receiving a service outage credit by provider. If we missed a provider, leave a comment and we’ll update.

How to get a service outage or interruption credit by provider. Links to articles that shed more light on this:

  1. Xfinity
  2. At&t fiber 
  3. Optimum
  4. Cox
  5. RCN
  6. Spectrum
  7. Century Link
  8. Verizon
  9. Frontier
  10. HughesNet

In summary, if your service is interrupted for a while, it does not hurt to ask. Why should you pay for service if it isn’t available? For more TIL posts, see here.

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