Low Sales Tax in These States – Holiday Shopping

This holiday season, if you’re willing to travel a bit or are traveling anyway, keep your eyes peeled for the following states that offer low sales tax or even no sales tax. Savings on sales taxes can add up very quickly so hopefully these tips will save you a pretty penny!

1. Alaska – 0% State Sales Tax. Local merchants can charge a local tax of up to 1.78%

2. Delaware – 0% State Sales Tax

3. Colorado – 2.9% State Sales Tax. Local merchants can charge an additional local tax of up to 4.62% bringing the total tax in excess of 7.5%

4. Montana – 0% State Sales Tax

5. New Hampshire – 0% State Sales Tax. If you’re in Maine or Vermont, it might be worth a drive down to NH to save at least a 5.5 – 6% sales tax on your purchase.

6. Oregon – 0% State Sales Tax. This is good news if you live in Idaho since you can avoid your states 6% tax rate

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