How To Stop Google Hangouts Pop-Ups on Chrome

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If this has happened to you, you know it’s a real annoyance. No matter how many times I would close the Google Hangouts popup, it would keep returning. Argh! 🤬 First, I checked my installed apps on my Macbook. All seemed to be good there and I had the Google Hangouts app installed with the ‘correct’ settings. Then I checked my Chrome extensions. Turns out, this was the issue. I had both the chrome extension and the chrome app installed. Unbeknownst to me, the extension had the ‘Start Hangouts app when Chrome starts’ enabled. I simply disabled the extension in my browser and kept the app.

google hangouts

Here’s how I fixed my issue:

  1. Go into your Chrome settings
  2. Click on extensions in the left navigation
  3. Find Google Hangouts in the list of apps
  4. You can either disable the app (slide the toggle) or click on remove to get rid of it altogether.
  5. That’s it. That solved my issue and hopefully it solves yours as well!

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