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If you’re anything like me, you dread having to shop around for home and auto insurance policies year after year. And if you happen to forget and a few years go by, your premiums could be hundreds if not thousands of dollars higher than they should be. What if I can show you how to save on Home & Auto Insurance Every Year?!

I get it, the task of submitting multiple online forms on insurance websites isn’t how you’ve envisioned spending your free time. What if I told you there are companies out there that will do the shopping for you? What if I told you, you only need to provide your coverage details just once and they will shop around and propose the best policies and pricing to you for review? And finally, what if they could do this every year, on schedule, and save you time and money. You’d say I’m crazy, right?! It’s like have a personal assistant in the outer years doing ‘all the work’ for you!

Well thankfully, these companies do exist and I used one last year (2020) when I was looking for a new carrier for my home, and auto policies. The process was beyond easy and I felt like they were on ‘my side’ when shopping. The experience was awesome, seamless and i ended up saving close to $1,000 total across the three policies I purchased. The two companies I checked out were: Policy Genius and Lemonade. I ended up going with Policy Genius given the options they provided and the coverage was in line with the pricing I was expecting. Either way, I would highly recommend these from personal experience and encourage you to spend 10-15 minutes of your time to check them out. Who knows, you could easily put a grand in your pocket.

Check them out and report back!

  1. Policy Genius
  2. Lemonade

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