How to get rid of your cancelled metal chase sapphire credit card

Hello Mr. Fancy Pants. So, you’ve got a metallic credit card that you just happened to cancel. I bet you tried running through your typical procedure of cutting the card up in small pieces and dispersing it into 100 trash bins in your house – without any luck. Now what? Don’t turn to your shredder or else you’ll end up having to buy a new one.

It’s true, your fancy metallic card felt so awesome while you had it active but now its a PIA (pain in the a$$) to get rid of. You could take a hammer to it or even fire might help but be careful. Then again, all of these methods sound so cumbersome and outright crazy!

Ok enough of the mumbo jumbo and let’s get to the solution. What you want to do is call the 1-800 number on the back of the card and let them know that you have cancelled your card and would like to submit it for proper disposal. The company will send you a prepaid envelope that you will place your card(s) in and they will destroy them.

There you have it. That’s the formal way to get rid of your metallic cards without hurting yourself in the process. If you’ve found another method, might I say successful, please feel free to share below in the comments.

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