How To Fix Your Broken Apple Computers and Household Devices

Did you spill coffee in your macbook pro? How about flinging your macbook air right off your lap as you reach for the tv remote. Not quite you? Okay, what about working on a document or excel file and your hard drive decides to go on vacation – for good?! Long story short, your apple device can fail on you at some point of your ownership. This can be a sad situation if your computer is out of warranty or doesn’t have insurance.

Fortunately, I came across this great resource that has guides on how you, yes you, can repair some of the problems with the help of step by step guides. The guides range from easy/moderate difficulty to “you probably should get a tech”. There’s a ton of guides from  how to change batteries on iphones to hard drives on computers – and more! Here are some of the guide topics:

  • Apple computers
  • Apple Smartphones
  • Android Smartphones
  • iPad and Android Tablets
  • Video Game Systems
  •  Cameras
  • Cars & Trucks

Check them out at

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