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Are you curious about Crypto? Do you need a nudge to get you started? How about $50 in crypto to get you started so you don’t miss the boat on this one?! Below we cover how you can get $50 of FREE Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.).

Okcoin is the Best Exchange for Growing Your Portfolio. Join the Most Trusted and Secure Crypto Exchange Today. Okcoin offers some of the lowest fees, top security settings and more. I was able to register and purchase crypto within 5 minutes of registering. Go on, it’s easy. Stop putting off getting into the crypto game – you’ve already waited long enough!

$50 Bonus eligibility criteria:

  1. Be a new user to any of the Okcoin entities
  2. Must register through this referral link.
  3. Pass identity verification level 2
  4. Buy $100 USD or more worth of crypto. (Purchases may be made using a supported local currency, such as: US Dollar, Euro, Brazilian Real, and Singapore Dollar). You can read the full referral terms and conditions here

Remember, in order to get you $50 sign up bonus, you must sign up using this link. Happy crypto buying!

Image Credit: Screenshot of Okcoin Cryptocurrency prices on 11/24/2021

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