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How to get rid of textured (popcorn) walls

Hello there! If you’re like me, you’ve got an older home from the ’60s-’80s that’s got an ugly textured wall. Some folks have walls that are heavily textured and then there are those with light texture or popcorn texture on...


How to fix a leaky/dripping faucet

Well, now, your sink is an all star leak-fest. But wait, your faucet is not even on! What the heck?! … Breathe my friend. This is abnormally normal; if that makes any sense. What’s happening is the failure of the faucet’s “seats...


FREE Amazon Fulfillment Center Tours

TOUR AN AMAZON FULFILLMENT CENTER We’re proud to offer tours of our fulfillment centers on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. local time. Come see the magic that happens after you click buy...


How to Start Lowering Your Student Loan Debt

Welcome to the “oh i don’t want to think about that” topic. It’s OK. First let’s take a deep breath. Below, I have outlined some quick wins on tackling student loan debt. While the topic is Student Loan Debt, these strategies...

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